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Project Description
CKS:API is collection of utilities and code extensions that enhance SharePoint 2010 and support best practices development.  Currently, it supports the following:

  1. Exception Management
  2. Logging
  3. Code Contracts

Future releases will add additional functionality

 Current Status

UPDATE 5/22/12: Public releases of the CKS:API project have been extremely slow since we reached the Beta 3 milestone in October.  Largely this is due to my extremely busy workload.  However, it has been good because the code has grown and evolved as I've used it on multiple projects.  I anticipate a production-ready release in August or September.

CKS:API has reached its Beta 3 release with changeset 81404 on 10/11/2011.  Beta 3 is functionally complete for this wave, but still requires some minor bug fixes and general clean up.

For more detailed information, see here:

 Current Release

Beta3 :


The current source code is a final BETA release for testing and clean up.  It is close to production-ready, but there are some things that need tweaking.  If you'd like to start using it, it should work well for you and I would love to get some real world feedback.

The anticipated release schedule for this wave of CKS:API is:

Beta 1: early August 2011  **COMPLETE**

Beta 2: early September 2011  **COMPLETE**

Beta 3: October 2011.     **COMPLETE**

Beta 4: mid-July 2012

Production 1.0: August/September 2012


Future releases of CKS:API are currently expected to introduce additional libraries and utilities for other areas of SharePoint 2010.

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